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    Welcome to 'MTA Endurance Racing'. MTA Endurance Racing is a new event organised by Stroth. This event consists of four endurance races and all the races will take place in 2020.

    The duration of an endurance event to finish is about 40-60 minutes. Drivers have to finish all the checkpoints with different sportscar vehicles. The first driver to cross the finish line wins the race. Drivers can get points by setting the best finish times. The player with the most points after the last endurance race will be the winner of the event.

    This event will be recorded for YouTube 'Street Outlaws' channel.

    The following points system will be used for every endurance race:
    1st: 25 points
    2nd: 18 points
    3rd: 15 points
    4th: 12 points
    5th: 10 points
    6th: 8 points
    7th: 6 points
    8th: 4 points
    9th: 2 points
    10th: 1 point

    For more info (driver standings, race calendar) visit

    Race Calendar
    Race 1 - Friday 3 January 2020 - 20:00 CET (Amsterdam Time)
    Race 2, 3 and 4: to be announced.​

    * Cheats, mods and any programs that give you an advantage are forbidden.
    * FPS limit: 50
    * All the endurance race maps will be unknown so that you won’t be able to train them.
    * Players should be disqualified for substitution.

    Name: MTA Endurance Racing |
    Server Address: mtasa://
    No password needed.

    Registration for this event is not necessary, there are max. 50 slots available!
    Questions can be asked on the Discord app ( username = Stroth#3081 ).

    Category: Tournaments | Views: 126 | Added by: GARIK08 | Date: 28.12.2019 | Comments (0)

    - WHEN?
    DECEMBER 2019
    Friday 27
    Saturday 28
    Sunday 29
    ...each day from 21:00 CET to 22:00 CET (or until maps ending); stay tuned for calendar definitive updates

    1) AirCup - MVP event with 5 brand new airplane maps (just cps, repairs and no-guns)
    2) TrialCup - MVP event with 5 brand new stunt/puzzle maps to resolve
    3) 7CP Trophy- MVP event with 21 maps made in "7cp style" (from 30sec to 1:30min, with exactly 7cp, only cps, repairs and decorations)
    For all three events I will post a TopTime classific too at the end.
    On each event the map-pack will be runned "over and over" until the time is up (for the 7CP Trophy it should be only 2 runs)

    - ENOUGH?
    After the 7CP Trophy the package of maps will be released and since then will start the WINTER LEAGUE, a CW event with the following rules:
    a) Map package: 7CP Trophy ones + up to 7 maps from each team made in 7cp-style
    b) Each cw will use 7 maps per teams
    c) Classic race_league script and carhide script will be shared and used for each CW
    d) Two phases (if is possible to apply it):
    1) qualifying, with groups of 3 to 4 teams
    2) finals, with a tree of direct-elimination matches until the final
    (those will be sorted based upon the number of teams)

    note: I strongly ENCOURAGE the formation of a NCP (NoClanPeople) team! That would makes things much funny

    - WHERE?
    SKC Map Editor (60fps) for AirCup, TrialCup and 7CP Trophy;
    ...wherever you want for the Winter League

    - THEN?
    At the end of the event I personally challenge everyone of you to a YouTube video-TopTime challenge with final deadline 31/Jan/2020

    Category: Tournaments | Views: 81 | Added by: GARIK08 | Date: 25.12.2019 | Comments (0)

    1. Hello, AyyGor, MTA-Community knows you under this nick, but what 's your name in realife?
    -My name is Igor Jastrzębski. So as you see i got my nickname from my real name, but first it was AjgorBosu(bosu is reference to boss) some friends called me like that yet back in elementary school. then i changed it to Ajgor but eventually i thought AyyGor looks better.


    2. Tell us about your city. What good places are there in this city?
    -I live in small town Wschowa. Nowadays it’s kinda boring place, although we are about to reopen our train station after a pretty few years so maybe with new earning city will grow, we will see. But  it has a good history, before all the world wars it was even one of the biggest cities in Poland , the king had his castle here(which is still functioning as hotel or place for celebration’s e.g. weddings) but then wars came and good times ended.


    3. Tell us how long have you been playing GTA: SA multipliers, first servers and game modes?
    Well my MTA history has a lot of breaks in playing and i dont remember them all so keep it in mind. First time i tried mta was in 2009, i was 8 years old back then. my sister’s boyfriend downloaded it for me and first server i joined was some polish rpg i think, i dont remember the name. Then there was a lot of servers but the oldest i remember was Team_NeO server. It was a fun server, there were DM maps, DD maps, Race maps, and some other fun maps as well. I liked DM the most, played it on some other server’s as well(i dont remember the names tho, except |X5| i think i might have played on ffs too but im not sure). Meanwhile Team_NeO was closed, i played on some polish dm server but with time i got interested in race. I decided to search for some racing server. Thats how i first discovered SKC server, i dont remember the year maybe 2014 but i didnt play there for long because i had another break from MTA. in 2016 i came back again, immediately went on SKC Race server after installing MTA and here i am.


    4. You are now a SKC team player. What teams have you been on before, and why have you left them?
    -My first clan was CoDEx. i met their member’s on SKC. We had a lot of fun but one day one of Co-Leaders decided to close it.
     Then i joined 2RT. And i spent a lot of time playin ... Read more »

    Category: Other | Views: 149 | Added by: GARIK08 | Date: 02.12.2019 | Comments (0)

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