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MTA Pro League 2017
Dan12345Date: Monday, 18.09.2017, 17:32 | Message # 1

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Recently, i got asked by Mateoryt of a very good idea to make an MTA Pro League [MPL]just like ESL ones. For my point of view this will look this:

-You can sing your own team [min. 3 members] - and ANY team can sign.
-You will play on a league [MPL - on uDka racing server]
-When league will be little popular - i would do some tournaments following it
-There will be site created - to check how's your team doin' [positions, standings and wins, losses and draws, points]
- Make team logo - to soon place it on CW script to look very realistic - if not it will be only replaced by the FLAG

And the second part of the league - the "players league" or what i call it - ,,player tournament''

- If you would be intrested, you can register soon
- Then, if you wanna play some matches to rank up your stats - there need to be max 3, 4, 5 players to play
- Just like in CS:GO Faceits, or whatever is this called - you will have team - but with captain name - so if i would be a captain - team will be - [uDka]Jacob Team [just like it looks on FACEits on CS:GO]
- If you will end matches, admin/admins will save your score [if you will get like 100 score in the match - it will be saved] and we will write it down to site
- Play more matches, to earn points and make higher rank [points will be updated on the site too] - its like battle for the best player on MTA [maybe not best but well]

I know, you would not be happy about this - but yeah this is my tournament i wanna made. I schelude it at 14 October 2017 - first match will start at 20:00 CEST [Paris time]

- You can register at the site - Register here with the information, what is written on the site.

If there would not be more than 10 player registration [to player tournament] i will not start it! Team tournament is for every team, so i dont forcing you to register smile but player tournament would be nice.

Also - I WANT to have a REPLAY system to record some of the footage - and then replay some of actions on stream [just like ESL replays from best kills for ex.]

It will be played, at uDka Racing Server - for more questions add me on my FB acc [do not replying anywhere else [maybe on site] ] Add me or send me a message smile

If you want to be caster, do the same - i can include you in the stream - or yes i can MULTISTREAM to two, three or four channels at one time - so i can give you the stream KEY and you will be able to stream on my channel [FOR TRUSTED PEOPLE]

Have fun - doesen't replying here as i mentoined before.

Message edited Dan12345 - Monday, 18.09.2017, 17:36
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