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    Need for Speed NOS Extra (race_nos2)

    05.11.2013, 17:59

    [ COPYRIGHT : 50p & AcidbRain / Just uploaded by me, because I didn't saw it on the community and I thought that many people would want it. ]


    /nosgauge [on|off] - Sets the NOS gauge visibility (default 'on')

    /nos [normal|nfs]
    /noscontrol [hybrid|nfs|normal] - Sets the NOS firing control style (default 'hybrid'):
    - normal : The default sucky behavior; Once NOS is fired there's no way to stop it.
    - nfs : NFS-style NOS; hold fire to start NOS, release to stop.
    - hybrid : hybrid-style NOS; press fire once to start NOS, press fire again to stop.

    /nossustain [on|off] - Sets whether to keep NOS turned on after the following events (default 'on'):
    * Picking up a vehicle change pickup while having NOS turned on
    * Picking up a nitro pickup while having NOS turned on
    * Changing vehicle on a checkpoint while having NOS turned on

    /move_nosgauge - Enables nos gauge repositioning.

    /nosduration : duration in seconds - Sets the total duration of a NOS charge.

    /nosrechargedelay : delay in seconds - Sets the delay before the player can use the next NOS recharge. A negative value means no recharge.

    /nosrechargeduration : duration in seconds - Sets the duration for the gradual NOS recharge. A value of zero means instant recharge.

    /nosonrespawn [on|off] - Sets whether to keep a NOS charge when the player dies. Default is off.

    /nosonchange [on|off] - Sets whether to keep a NOS charge when the player changes vehicle. Default is off.
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