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Race Summer Cup 2020


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    Summary of MTA: Need for Speed:
    1. FC|MRP wins the tournament with a dominating 132 points. During the 7 races of MTA: Need for Speed FC|MRP has 2 race wins and 2 lap records.
    2. AV.Koniu finished 2nd on the total standings with 81 points without winning a race or lap record.

    3. Goold old NET/Aveng3r scored 72 points for the Russian army and finished 3rd on the total standings. All the 72 points were scored in the last three races!

    Upcoming tournaments:

    There will be a new tournament. The upcoming tournament will have the fuel system. The next tournament will probably take place in June 2020.

    Before this there will be great races during the MTA Race League 2020 tournament organised by Garik.

    I recommend following the YouTube channel (MTA Racing Street Outlaws) and Discord (Events section) to receive news and information about the upcoming MTA tournaments.

    Thanks for joining MTA: Need for Speed, and I'll see you on the next tournament! (Stroth)

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League 2020

  • 20:15 | 19.09.2020

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