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Race Summer Cup 2020


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    Last night, the first tour ended, it is time to talk about the second tour!
    In the second tour, each team will meet:
    SGA - FOX.
    SKC - uDka.
    Team SiK miss this tour.
    About site:
    Nearly finished work on the page with the league - link.
    Also at the forum you will find a lot of interesting - link.
    That's all, prepared a review of the next round of Evolution, until next week!
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    Administration of the project presents you a new section of our website!
    At the moment, there are categories:
     - MTA Resources
     - MTA Clients
     - MTA Servers
    Section begins its development, take part!
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    Hello, are you the main administrator of the project and I am happy to tell you the good news.

    Next weekend begins a new season of the league. The participants were the teams:
    - SiK
    - SKC
    - SGA
    - FoX
    - uDka

    Our portal will tell you about all the latest news - Online table, schedule of tours, text and video broadcasting all of the games and the definition of the best players of games, the best player of the league at the end will win a special prize from our portal.
    Schedule the first round you can see in the picture.

    Congratulations to all, and you smooth the road.
    Category: League | Views: 744 | Added by: Evolution | Date: 20.10.2013 | Comments (1)

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League 2020

  • 04:16 | 20.09.2020

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