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    Greetings racers !

    So now we are proud to announce that today the tournament ends , the final match will be played at 21 CET / 23 MSK time , until then i would like you to check this :

    Also , the prizes will be only userbars with specific description , unfortunately , evolution refused to offer points on for winning the tourney . Hope you can be pleased with these though smile

    For 1st place :

    For 2nd place :

    For 3rd place :

    For advancing in Final :

    For advancing in PlayOffs :

    For being a player :

    Good luck to all the players who play today wink

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    Greetings !

    We would like to announce that the group stages in the DTR tourney have been ended today , some groups were hard , some were easy ... the fact is that 16 players have advanced to the play-offs . We shall congratulate them for their strenght .

    Some clans sent 7-8 players , some sent only 2-3 , the two 2F2F and EFO guys didn't have any problem passing the group stages and they continued together in this tourney . The only RW participant who showed up : 1cY proved that he can handle this difficulty and qualified . From LSR , SiK , and FoX , who have sent 6-8 players , there are now only 2 players from each clan remaining . The SGAs proved to be strong in this tourney too so 3 players have passed the groups.

    The maps from the playoffs are gonna be developed in 2 days .
    In the next weekend the play-offs and the final will be played so we got a lot of action going on , you can find the schedule here : LINK

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    So as the title says the first group stage has ended in the DTR tournament . We had a lot of players who didnt come for some unknown reason so they have been disqualified and others had advanced , surprisingly .... we had only 1 group played with all the 8 players who were in it , the rest were played only with 4-5 players ...

    You can find the schedule of the 2nd stage here... : link

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