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    Our servers are moved to a new ip:

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    Hello everyone, today we have a rare announcement for MTA. We are releasing 1.4 as a beta, which ordinarily doesn't happen. 1.4 still has bugs and needs some proper testing, so we are going to do a beta version so these issues can be fixed. One of the biggest new features is localization. This added native language support to MTA for many languages. If you find a bug for your language, please report it on

    Here's the current patch notes.
    Scripting additions

    Added createEffect
    Added setEffectSpeed
    Added getEffectSpeed
    Added setEffectDensity
    Added getEffectDensity
    Added getLocalization
    Added isChatVisible

    Added isBan
    Added setBanAdmin
    Added setBanReason
    Added setUnbanTime
    Added getAccountsBySerial
    Added getAccountSerial

    Scripting fixes and changes

     - Fixed getResourceConfig not working on foreign resources
     - Fixed Brownstreak Carriage (ID: 570)
     - Modified attachTrailerToVehicle to support train IDs.
     - Modified setPlayerMoney to have a new parameter, bInstant, to instantly set the money counter in the UI to the new value instead of counting to it.
    Client additions
     - Added localization for MTA's main menu elements
     - Added OOP
    Client fixes and changes
     - Fixed money counter to instantly set when changing servers.
     - Fixed peds being invulnerable to gun fire when doing a drive by.
     - Fixed onClientPlayerDamage not triggering for spray can.
    Server fixes and changes
     - Fixed 128 character limit on setAccountData.

    Note: Patch notes are currently incomplete as 1.4 had significant changes over years and documenting them all is time consuming.

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    Hello everyone! Project MTA:SA League finally announces official info about MTA:SA League – Season 4 and also about new project, MTA:SA DD League! Both leagues should start with the summer holidays and both leagues counts with bigger number of clans. We also brings some info about National Cup, what is traditional inside event of MTA:SA League.

    MTA:SA League – Season 4

    MTA:SA League – Season will be devided to the two parts, both parts should play 8 teams. First stage is “main stage”, where all clans challenge each other one time on neutral server, each clan plays 2 matches during one week! Due to reducing time for training, all matches in main stage will be played just on default maps. Clans wont tell their maps to opponents before start of the match, like it was before. Each clan should play 7 matches in main stage, so that main stage should take 1 month.

    After break for National Cup, there is planned second part of MTA:SA League – Season 4, which is called “play off”. Teams will be sorted by points on 1st to 8th place after main stage and in play off plays 1st with 8th, 2nd with 7th, 3rd with 6th and 4th with 5th quarterfinal. Winner and advancing team is that clan, who beat his opponent two times. First match will be on the server of the better ranked team, second on the server of worse ranked team and potential third match will be played again on the server of the better ranked team. Winners advance to semifinal, where they challenge another opponent (again sorted by rank from main stage, like last National Cup). Semifinal, final and potential game for third place will be played with same system as quarterfinal.

    For each part of play off (Quarterfinal / Semifinal / 3rd place / Final) each clan nominates any 7 maps of their choice. For every match, each clan choose 5 maps from pack of their and opponents nominated maps. Nominated maps can not be change during one stage of play off! If team advange to the next stage of play off, they can nominate whole new 7 maps.

    We are also planning change for number of players in one match, it is possible that one match will be played as 7vs7 and not 5vs5 like before, but this change will be discuss.

    MTA:SA DD League

    MTA:SA DD League will start in the same time as the MTA:SA League – Season 4, it means on the beggining of the summer holidays. There will be be up to 10 teams and each team gonna challenge each other one time on neutral server, if there will be much smaller number of participating teams, each team will challenge other team two times. Each team nominates 8 maps to this league, for every match each team choose 4 maps from all nominated maps, while every map is played 3 times (that means 24 rounds in one match). All matches all planned for 3vs3.

    National Cup

    National Cup will be played after main stage of MTA:SA League – Season 4, matches will be 5vs5 and system of picking maps will be similar to the MTA:SA League. Each team can choose any map from default maps and opponents will not know maps until the match start.


    MTA:SA League – Season 4
    - main stage 5.7.2014 – 1.8.2014
    - national cup 1.8.2014 – 31.8.2014
    - play off (quarterfinal) 1.9.2014 – 21.9.2014
    - play off (semifinal) 22.9.2014 – 12.10.2014
    - play off (3rd place / final) 13.10.2014 – 2.11.2014

    MTA:SA DD League
    - 5.7.2014 – 31.8.2014

    Invited clans

    MTA:SA League – Season 4

    SGA, SKC, SiK, FoX, uDka, DoN, LcP, 2f2f and LSR (but they are not interested)

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    MTA:SA League was scheduled to end in the half of January, but uDka did not come on any of their matches in the new year and after it we decided to set win 250-0 for their opponents. But these matches did not changed anything on final form of scoreboard. SGA dominated whole season 3 and after winning all matches they claimed first place. Second ended SKC, although their complete +/- score is worse than SiKs, but their score from joint matches with SiK is better than SiKs. Third place belongs to SiK, fourth is FoX and fifth is uDka.


    Best player:

    League "B"
    B-League was very interesting until its end, because all teams won and lost two matches. That caused that the final rank deppended just on +/- score of all teams. Best team was SiK "B”, second was DoN and third was SGA "B”.


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    Hi everybody! I bring you good tidings of patch release! Our patch was a bit delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, but everything is now in line and we will continue the previous patch releasing schedule! 1.3.5 continues our focus on stability and compatibility across hardware ranging from Pentium 3 to Intel Xeon processors. We have fixed several bugs this patch and included many new additions to our functions. Here's a detailed look into 1.3.5 and what to expect. Grab the download on the front page or click here!

    Notable features

    Bullet sync for sniper rifle
    Improved mathematical precision for client and syncing
    Added rotation parameter for dxDrawText

    New function list

    Added set/getInteriorFurnitureEnabled
    Added add/removeDebugHook
    Added getCamera function to get the camera element
    Added dxSetTextureEdge
    Added guiEditGetCaretIndex and guiMemoGetCaretIndex
    Added teaEncode/teaDecode/base64Encode/base64Decode
    Added pregFind/pregReplace/pregMatch
    Added set/isElementCallPropagationEnabled
    Added onClientVehicleDamage event
    Category: MTA News | Views: 626 | Added by: Evolution | Date: 27.02.2014 | Comments (0)

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