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    Good afternoon! At the beginning of the month, we decided to restart website, and organize events again.

    I have many ideas for tournaments and events in MTA:SA Race. But I need help and other organizers. Now we need active people, who want to organize events. For your tournaments, we are ready to give a forum on our website and server. You need idea, write information about tournament and create maps.

    Use site as an information resource. Add a video to appropriate section. Create a forum topic, inform about all racing events on the site. We will post the most interesting news on the main page.

    Do you want to help create topics on forum? Created interesting topics and give life to the forum? We will give you moderator status on the site. Want to organize a tournament? – We will help you!

    To organize tournaments write to us: GARIK08 (GARIK08#9262), THIRTYTWO (THIRTYTWO#8853)

    Conversations questions suggestions about webiste: Evolution (Evolution#8316)

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    MRC AntiFake - is the spreadsheet with public access for every mta player, which has all required data to indetify players on a clanwar or tournament.

    To verify your indentity in our community, you have to fill out our google form, then during 1-2 days the entrusted person, who is able to check information with server logs or having access to large projects' databases, makes a signature opposite your nickname which means that your data is checked and you are verified.

    While filling out the form, you can also write additional serial number, in case of you playing from additional serial id, admins have a right to make an additional checkup. If you are using both of your PCs for playing actively, please inform us about it on our forum in specific thread, so that admins will additionaly verify your devices.
    If you change your pc it's necessary to infrom us about changing your serial and write your new serial. After that you have to verify your indentity once again.

    This database is created to prevent conflict situations during events in multiplayer. Every organizer can check players' info online, so participants of your event will concentrate on playing, instead of trying to find out who's hiding under another fake nickname.

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    Dear friends, our tournament Village Races 2 has ended today. I want to thank all participants for their activity. Players were struggling with each other for 2 days to find out who's the best in the countryside. Players showed a beautiful battle in village cars. Some groups had to play an extra round. Please leave your feedback about the tournament. Special thanks to lukum and Aveng3r .
    The winners of the tournament were:

    1st. [SiK]Aroszparo

    2nd. [uDka]LeroyJenkins

    3rd. [SKC]Confused

    4th. [BOR]supr4

    Userbars for other players:


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