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     Summer is over, but fear not, we have got a new release for you - Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.5!

    This release is focused on bugfixes (most notably, some popular crashes were fixed with help from @Dutchman101 - eg. this one, code cleanups and under-the-hood improvements for developers (migration to a Docker-based environment and support for VS2017 and GCC-6). It may look like it is not much of an update, but the amount of such smaller changes should be a good incentive to update.

    In other news, we have enabled some additional forum account security features for your convenience - namely a possibility to set a security question(s) for the account and support for Authy and Google Authenticator two-factor authentication. You can enable them in your Account Security settings.

    Release Highlights - Link


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    Greetings, today I want to tell you about rating system on our website.

    Rating includes every single player, who have ever registered and participated to our MTA-Race tournaments. For example, in Moto Invasion tournament for victory we added 50 points, 2nd place - 40 points, 3rd place - 30 points, all the finalists got 20 points, and all semi-finalists got 10 points, and for those who participated in first round, we gave them 5 points. But for players who didn't come, we gave -10 points. Team's rating bases on every player's score who is in team, just add all points from your players. If rating for any of your player will be very bad, he won't be able to participate in our upcoming tournaments from our site. Staff gets points for administrating. Every tournament will have different point system. We will try to update rating schedule after every tournament!

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    Hello everyone, today we have a rare announcement for MTA. We are releasing 1.4 as a beta, which ordinarily doesn't happen. 1.4 still has bugs and needs some proper testing, so we are going to do a beta version so these issues can be fixed. One of the biggest new features is localization. This added native language support to MTA for many languages. If you find a bug for your language, please report it on

    Here's the current patch notes.
    Scripting additions

    Added createEffect
    Added setEffectSpeed
    Added getEffectSpeed
    Added setEffectDensity
    Added getEffectDensity
    Added getLocalization
    Added isChatVisible

    Added isBan
    Added setBanAdmin
    Added setBanReason
    Added setUnbanTime
    Added getAccountsBySerial
    Added getAccountSerial

    Scripting fixes and changes

     - Fixed getResourceConfig not working on foreign resources
     - Fixed Brownstreak Carriage (ID: 570)
     - Modified attachTrailerToVehicle to support train IDs.
     - Modified setPlayerMoney to have a new parameter, bInstant, to instantly set the money counter in the UI to the new value instead of counting to it.
    Client additions
     - Added localization for MTA's main menu elements
     - Added OOP
    Client fixes and changes
     - Fixed money counter to instantly set when changing servers.
     - Fixed peds being invulnerable to gun fire when doing a drive by.
     - Fixed onClientPlayerDamage not triggering for spray can.
    Server fixes and changes
     - Fixed 128 character limit on setAccountData.

    Note: Patch notes are currently incomplete as 1.4 had significant changes over years and documenting them all is time consuming.

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    Hi everybody! I bring you good tidings of patch release! Our patch was a bit delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, but everything is now in line and we will continue the previous patch releasing schedule! 1.3.5 continues our focus on stability and compatibility across hardware ranging from Pentium 3 to Intel Xeon processors. We have fixed several bugs this patch and included many new additions to our functions. Here's a detailed look into 1.3.5 and what to expect. Grab the download on the front page or click here!

    Notable features

    Bullet sync for sniper rifle
    Improved mathematical precision for client and syncing
    Added rotation parameter for dxDrawText

    New function list

    Added set/getInteriorFurnitureEnabled
    Added add/removeDebugHook
    Added getCamera function to get the camera element
    Added dxSetTextureEdge
    Added guiEditGetCaretIndex and guiMemoGetCaretIndex
    Added teaEncode/teaDecode/base64Encode/base64Decode
    Added pregFind/pregReplace/pregMatch
    Added set/isElementCallPropagationEnabled
    Added onClientVehicleDamage event
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    Welcome to the news! Today we are releasing 1.3.4. In this patch we have introduced a few new features and fixed many bugs.

    Of those new features includes the ability to play sound effects from the game in 3D or just through a players' speakers.

    We have also included a source compiling and encryption option. This allows you to compile and encrypt your lua through MTA’s website. As of 1.3.4 this can be done at API + Documentation at This feature will be available for all future MTA versions.

    Vehicle upgrades now check the model file as well as the list of supported upgrades so that it cannot crash with custom models. All vehicle spoilers are supported by all vehicles that support spoilers now and vehicle upgrades have been tidied up adding some missing/wrong entries.

    To download 1.3.4, visit the front page. Many more fixes and additions below in the patch notes. Thanks for reading!

    Added function playSFX
    Added function playSFX3D
    Added function getSFXStatus
    Added function setHeliBladeCollisionsEnabled
    Added function getHeliBladeCollisionsEnabled
    Added function getEventHandlers

    Added "shared" export type in meta.xml
    Added Lua source encryption option
    Added the ability to cancel onClientKey
    Added escape to onClientKey (can't be cancelled twice in a row)
    Added SettingHUDMatchAspectRatio, SettingAspectRatio to dxGetStatus

    Fixed vehicle upgrades
    Fixed warpPedIntoVehicle causing desync when two players try to enter at the same time via vehicle_enter and warpPedIntoVehicle
    Fixed map editor crash
    Fixed debug filename for compiled scripts
    Fixed applying weapon mods may remove your weapon
    Fixed crash when streaming in tec-9 with a replaced weapon model
    Fixed console(F8) input focus begin lost sometimes
    Fixed building removal crashing after loading/unloading a model 16 times
    Fixed projectile-type weapons messing up ammo count
    fixed guiCreateFont fails each second time resource is started
    Fixed client ammo desync when using giveWeapon sometimes
    Fixed guiLabelGetTextExtent not working with unicode
    Fixed onColShapeHit isn't triggered for towed vehicles server side
    Fixed GUI scrollpanes and scrollbars don't trigger onClientMouseEnter/Leave
    Fixed warpPedIntoVehicle after cancelEvent() of onVehicleStartEnter causes network trouble
    Fixed onPedWasted not triggered, when ped died because the vehicle he was in, exploded.
    Fixed server createColPolygon
    Fixed a crash when destroying an object in onClientColShapeHit / onClientElementColShapeHit
    Fixed lightweight sync packet being misread on the client sometimes
    Fixed getLatentEventHandles sometimes returning false instead of an empty table
    Fixed setAccountData clips the digits after the decimal point
    Fixed peds/players being removed from vehicles that fall through the ground

    Added sfxbrowser resource
    Fixed instant reload exploits for the reload resource
    Fixed 'Use LODs' option in the map editor resource
    Fixed various things in admin, acpanel, freeroam, parachute and race resources
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