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    Main » 2013 » August » 25 » Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.3.3 released!

    Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.3.3 released!

    Today comes another new patch, 1.3.3! This patch has many new improvements, including NVIDIA Optimus support and new Anticheat features. To download 1.3.3, visit the front page. Here's the patchnotes below.

    General MTA Improvements
      Anti-cheat updates
      Optimized streamer to work better with complex maps
      Smoothed fonts when scaling chat box
      Added option to scale HUD elements correctly for widescreen
      Added option to disable OS and graphic driver 'tweaks', as they can interfere with MTA
      Better compatibility with NVidia Optimus laptops
      Improved server performance
    New Scripting Features
      Added setVehiclePlateText()
      Added dxSetAspectRatioAdjustmentEnabled() for draws that align with GTA Hud components
      - This can break CEGUI and dx draw items which align to the GTA HUD
      Added server function getPlayerACInfo()
      Added onClientSoundStarted and onClientSoundStopped scripting events
    Bug Fixes
      Fixed custom vehicle plate text not working for some vehicles
      Fixed setVehicleLandingGearDown() not always working
      Fixed GUI window remaining when you disconnect while starting local server
      Fixed incorrect server side vehicle engine state when driver warped in
      Fixed get/setMatrix() rotation order for streamed out objects
      Fixed onPlayerQuit event not being triggered on shutdown
      Fixed setJetpackWeaponEnabled() not disabling jetpack weapons
      Fixed toggleControl() not working for mta controls
      Fixed serverside toggleAllControls()
      Fixed GUI labels sometimes blocking input
      Fixed setElementPosition() for players vehicle sometimes causing freeze for few seconds
      Fixed a crash on disconnect
    For a more complete changelog, see Wiki: Changes in 1.3.3.
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