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    Main » 2019 » December » 25 » Santa Klaus Cups by SKC

    Santa Klaus Cups by SKC

    - WHEN?
    DECEMBER 2019
    Friday 27
    Saturday 28
    Sunday 29
    ...each day from 21:00 CET to 22:00 CET (or until maps ending); stay tuned for calendar definitive updates

    1) AirCup - MVP event with 5 brand new airplane maps (just cps, repairs and no-guns)
    2) TrialCup - MVP event with 5 brand new stunt/puzzle maps to resolve
    3) 7CP Trophy- MVP event with 21 maps made in "7cp style" (from 30sec to 1:30min, with exactly 7cp, only cps, repairs and decorations)
    For all three events I will post a TopTime classific too at the end.
    On each event the map-pack will be runned "over and over" until the time is up (for the 7CP Trophy it should be only 2 runs)

    - ENOUGH?
    After the 7CP Trophy the package of maps will be released and since then will start the WINTER LEAGUE, a CW event with the following rules:
    a) Map package: 7CP Trophy ones + up to 7 maps from each team made in 7cp-style
    b) Each cw will use 7 maps per teams
    c) Classic race_league script and carhide script will be shared and used for each CW
    d) Two phases (if is possible to apply it):
    1) qualifying, with groups of 3 to 4 teams
    2) finals, with a tree of direct-elimination matches until the final
    (those will be sorted based upon the number of teams)

    note: I strongly ENCOURAGE the formation of a NCP (NoClanPeople) team! That would makes things much funny

    - WHERE?
    SKC Map Editor (60fps) for AirCup, TrialCup and 7CP Trophy;
    ...wherever you want for the Winter League

    - THEN?
    At the end of the event I personally challenge everyone of you to a YouTube video-TopTime challenge with final deadline 31/Jan/2020

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