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    Good afternoon, everyone! Racing team Legal Street Racers want to pay your attention to our 9th tournament entitled “Captain’s Cup 2017”, where we will glad to see the best race team from “Multi Theft Auto” such as: AFE, SGA, SiK, ffs, IDC, FoX, NKC, CrF, SK, zG.
    You can’t get know which maps your opponents will choose, you can only try to guess. Teams will pick and ban 5 maps every match from the list of 100 maps. Each team has 450 (7:30 min) second to pick and ban maps.

    Description of the tournament:

    Depends on amount of registered teams we will create the tournament's scheme. 8 Teams - standard scheme with upper and lower grids, team leaves the tournament after the second lose. If there will be more than 8 teams, probably, all teams will be divided into 2 groups, each team will have to play against all group's rivals. At the end of registration we will notify all teams about our decision about the tournament's scheme. Probably, we will lead open qualifications for some teams." Multi Theft Auto 1.5.5 (MTA)

    Registration is opened November 4, and will close November 10.

    Script: Captain’s Mode 3.1.

    Schedule - Click

    The server of the tournament: (uDka Racing #1)

    Main Event

    25 November, Saturday
    26 November, Sunday.

    Attention! If more than 8 teams register in the tournament, the tournament will start on 18 and 19 November. And on November 18-19 matches will be played on two servers in a non-stop.

    Tournament rules:
    Show unsportsmanlike behavior (cursing, insult, threat, flood, abnormal behavior) the team will be disqualification;
    Fake the team player (punishment: disqualification)
    Use: cheats, trainers, mods, and any programs that give you an advantage below other (punishment: disqualification);

    Connection problem:
    If a player on your team lose the connection (Timeout) during the first 13 second of the race, pause is allowed and the race will be restarted after rejoining the player to the server.

    If Timeout (connection Loss) happens after 13 second – the race is going on.

    Matches are playing according to the schedule, but it is possible to re-schedule the match to another time by agreement of both time and then you must tell your decision to the organization.

    Schedule Matches | Registration | Map list | Discussion

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    Today ended our first tournament called "Moto Invasion". Throughout the tournament, players had to compete on all types of motorcycles in the game. There were many beautiful struggles and funnynmoments. Thanks to all players for participating. The goal of our project is to develop a community in the multiplayer MTA. In the future, we plan to organize more tournaments. The winners of the tournament were:





    Other userbars:


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    Welcome to a new tournament: Street Outlaws.

    Street Outlaws is the second edition of Championship 2017. This event consists of six races and all the races will take place in 2017. Drivers can get points by setting the best finish times and lap records.

    The special thing about this event is the fuel system. Drivers have to refill their fuel tank during the race. As a driver you need to keep an eye on your fuel indicator, because fuel affects the topspeed and acceleration of the car. No fuel is game over.

    Race Calendar

    Race weekend 1 - Saturday 9 September 2017 20.00 CET
    Race 1 and 2

    Race weekend 2 - Saturday 23 September 2017 20.00 CET
    Race 3 and 4

    Race weekend 3 - Saturday 7 October 2017 20.00 CET
    Race 5 and 6


    * Cheats, mods and any programs that give you an advantage are forbidden.
    * FPS limit: 50
    * All the maps will be unknown so that you won’t be able to train them.
    * Players should be disqualified for substitution.


    This time, only registered players are allowed to race. Registration is open 24 August 2017 and will close on 8 September 2017.

    For more information:

    This tournament is organised by Stroth and LosFaul, special thanks to Garik, Megas and MrBrown.


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    Hello everyone.

    Comunity presents to your attention our first tournament called "Moto Invasion".
    Players will compete on motorcycles.

    Description of the tournament:
    * 32 players are divided into 4 groups by 8 participants
    * In each group - 1 round, which consists of 5 races
    * The top 4 players pass into the next round

    Registration for the tournament is open 20 August and will close on 25 August.

    Player limit - 32 players ( we will change the grid if there will be more people )

    Date and time:
    *Saturday 26 August
    - 18:00 CEST ( 1 group )
    - 18:35 CEST ( 2 group )
    - 19:05 CEST ( 3 group )
    - 19:40 CEST ( 4 group )
    *Sunday 27 August
    - 18:00 CEST ( semi-final - 1 group )
    - 18:40 CEST ( semi-final - 2 group )
    - 19:20 CEST ( grand final )

    Tournaments rules:
    * Cheats, mods and any programs that give you an advantage are forbidden
    * Ping limit: 300
    * All the maps will be unknown so that you won’t be able to train them.
    * FPS limit: 50* For non-sporting behavior the player will be disqualified
    * Players should be disqualified for substitution
    * If the player has a timeout during the 15 seconds of the race, then referee will force the pause and the race will be continues after the reconnect

    Referee: lukum, GARIK08, Ryuzaki, ShIft_32, Caddy, Scorpion, Evolution.
    Main organizer: Caddy

    Discussion (click) | Registration (click)

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    So as the title says the first group stage has ended in the DTR tournament . We had a lot of players who didnt come for some unknown reason so they have been disqualified and others had advanced , surprisingly .... we had only 1 group played with all the 8 players who were in it , the rest were played only with 4-5 players ...

    You can find the schedule of the 2nd stage here... : link
    Category: Tournaments | Views: 626 | Added by: FuZ | Date: 08.09.2013 | Comments (2)

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