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    Good dayeveryone. At 24th of November our tournament Captains Cup 2019 hasended. We also organized this cup in 2015 and 2016. And now this tournament was
    first for many players from Captains Cup series. In this year teams had 25 days to register and 36 days for training maps. For this time you can learn all 99maps, this is hard but possible.

    I always try to balance tourney schedule and that’s impossible to make 2 best
    teams to play vs each other in first round. And for example I always make my
    team to play vs strong teams (SGA), (SGA, AFE), (2019 - net). Because if It’ll
    be my team against much weaker team it will be suspicious.

    Unfortunately, this year SiK  remembered about registration too late, if they would register in time then you could see
    qualifications for place in main event.

    1. Tournament has to be 2 days long. This is one of features of the tournaments. Captains have to adapt fast and make wise picks and bans. If
    tournament will be 2 weekends long then any team can learn new maps for 5 days
    and bans will be useless. Tourney atmosphere lives 2 days. You don’t have toplay each weekend for a month or weeks. Only 2 days, it’s easier for everyone.
    2. All matches starts 15:00 CET, 17:00 Moscow, 11:00 Brazil, 9:00 USA, 20:00 Kazakhstan.I finish the final event in 00:50. If you want I can start matches at 14:00
    cet, no more options.
    3. Tournament date is known 36 days before start, if you want to play this, yougotta plan your time.


    How do I pick maps for cup?

    I choose maps for every team and add them in a roster. If you played cw with trained maps, then most likely your map will be in the list. Maps from
    different events. Maps on different cars. Balance in everything. In 2019everyone plays random maps, those maps I won’t add. And please if you keep play
    random maps, change map names. For example: name SKCvsCrF -20.03.2019 – is a bad name for a map, in captains cup such name can confuse others. I add maps ondifferent cars, this year freeway and landstalker were new ones.

    Why is there only 3 hard hydras?

    This is balance. I added hydra race in the roster of CC 2015 and weak team which didn’t know how to fly hydra banned 3 hydra maps. 4 hydras – too much, 2
    hydras – not enough, 3 – perfect.

    I add hard hydra maps because I think that team has to play hydra good to pick
    it. If I add hydra race then it will be to easy to finish 5:0 and earn 55 pts.
    It’s not right and hydras must be hard. Easies hydra in this cup was front of a

    Ab ... Read more »
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    Esterday was ended our tournament Suzuka . A total of 16 players registered, 13 players were able to play the qualification.
    Unfortunately, 11 people took part in the race. Only 5 Players ended race.   Thank you allso much for participating, we waiting all on the next events. Special thanks to lukum, THIRTYTWO, Evolution.


    1st. Burn

    2nd.  Confused

    3rd. GARIK08

    4th. Bruno Wilson

    5th. Gametaff

    Userbars for other players:
    Category: Tournaments | Views: 13 | Added by: Evolution | Date: 25.11.2019 | Comments (0)

    Good day friends. We were thinking a lot about ideas for next tournaments. Many players want to see different events and interesting ideas. We’ll realize all of our ideas with time. And now we’re glad to announce you our next tournament: Grand Prix Suzuka.
    All registered players play qualification race. Best 18 players gets into main race. Places on start depends from your time on qualification. Race will take place on suzuka circuit, 35 laps length. Also you ‘ll have to refuel your car.

    - Referees: GARIK08, THIRTYTWO, lukum, Evolution
    -Ghostmode: ON
    - Car: Infernus
    - Server: later

    Date and time:

    25th of October (Friday) free practice any player can join server and learn track.
    26th of October Saturday (11:00-23:00) – qualification. We made a lot of time to qualify that everyone can play and set best time.
    18 players with best times gets into next round (race)
    27th of October Sunday (20:00) race. Race starts at 20:00(cest) don’t be late, we can’t wait for one player.

    Tournaments rules:

    1)Cheats, mods and any programs that give you an advantage are forbidden
    2)All the maps will be unknown so that you won’t be able to train them.
    3)FPS limit 60, but you can change it by command /fps
    4)For non-sporting behavior the player will be disqualified
    5)Players should be disqualified for substitution
    6)If player(s) hadn't arrived in time he(they) is(are) automatically enjoy the status "DNS".

    Registration | F.A.Q. | Discussion

    Category: Tournaments | Views: 61 | Added by: GARIK08 | Date: 17.10.2019 | Comments (0)

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