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    Dear friends, our tournament Village Races 2 has ended today. I want to thank all participants for their activity. Players were struggling with each other for 2 days to find out who's the best in the countryside. Players showed a beautiful battle in village cars. Some groups had to play an extra round. Please leave your feedback about the tournament. Special thanks to lukum and Aveng3r .
    The winners of the tournament were:

    1st. [SiK]Aroszparo

    2nd. [uDka]LeroyJenkins

    3rd. [SKC]Confused

    4th. [BOR]supr4

    Userbars for other players:


    Category: Tournaments | Views: 248 | Added by: GARIK08 | Date: 15.09.2019 | Comments (0)

    ffs 300-399 FC
    NKC 179-514 BOR

    eR 290-370 BOR-b

    CrF 273-425 SiK

    FC - BOR 2019.09.15 20:30cest
    BOR-b - SiK 2019.09.15 19:30cest

    Category: Tournaments | Views: 223 | Added by: GARIK08 | Date: 09.09.2019 | Comments (0)

    Good afternoon. We are glad to see you here! I’d like to intro duce you my 11th racing tournament named Village Races 2. You are going to drive through the remotest corners of San Andreas State countryside with a wide variety of vehicles. No supercars, rednecks have their own perspectives on racing competitions. Sign up and feel the atmosphere of country races along with other participants. P.S.: Turn on country music and let’s go!

    Limit of participants - no limit (Description written for 64 players) 64 players are divided into 8 groups of 8 participants, in each group 1 round of 4 racing maps. For each race players get points, the first four players with the highest points pass to the next round. If the players score the same amount of points, they go for extra map to get into next round.

    Tournament Info:

    Multiplayer: Multi Theft Auto 1.5.7 (MTA) Ghostmode: On Registration for the tournament will be open September 3, 2019, and closed September 12, 2019; All the maps will be unknown so that you won’t be able to train them.

    Date and time:

    Saturday 14 September - 16:00 CEST (1 Round) Sunday 15 September - 16:00 CEST (Quarterfinal, Semifinal, Final) Server: later


    Un sporting behavior - cursing, insults,threats, flood, abnormal behavior (punishment: disqualification); Fake players (punishment: disqualification); Use: cheats, trainers, mods, and any programs that give you an advantage below others (punishment: disqualification); FPS Limit - Maximum 60, but any player can use 50 FPS.

    Connection problems:

    If a player lose the connection (Timeout) during the first 12 seconds of the race, pause is allowed and the race will be restarted after rejoining the player to the server. If Timeout (connection Loss) happens after 12 seconds - the race is going on. Groups are playing according to the schedule, but it is possible to re-schedule the match to another time by agreement of all group participants and then you must tell your decision to the organization.


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League 2020

  • 22:57 | 03.08.2020

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