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Forum » MTA/SA:MP Players » Interview » Interview with MRP
Interview with MRP
GARIK08Date: Monday, 30.11.2020, 07:38 | Message # 1

Team: LSR One Love

Posts: 187
Awards: 2
Reputation: -1

1. Hello, MRP. Community knows you under that nickname, but what's your real name?

My name is Lukas and I am 20 years old. I am know under morpp, MRP and kisa nicknames. my morpp nick came out from Dota 2 hero Morphling because it was one of my favorite.

2. Tell us about your city and your country. What's interesting in your town?
I am from Lithuania, my homeland is Molėtai. My homeland is known for its many lakes and nature. As a student now i live in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania

3.  Probably you have another interesting hobby besides mta. Is it reading, sports or something else? Tell us what you are into.
Besides mta I used  play basketball, but due to multiple ankle injuries, I stopped playing. As Information Systems student I spend most of my time studying. And of course I play Dota 2 if I have free time.

4. How did you start playing GTA SA multiplayer and why do you like to play mta race? what's interesting in racing in the 2004 year game?
in 2007 my cousin gave me a GTA SA disc, I was so happy that after school I played all day until evening. In 2008 the same cousin introduced me to SAMP and this is how my story began. I don’t remember how I found MTA but I used to play with my childhood friends race and zombie servers. I tried all gamemodes but most of them were hard or just boring and race mode was just the only mode I enjoyed to play and still enjoying till today

5. You've been playing for many years, you've seen a lot of players in this game. Tell 5 or more best players you've ever played with.
In six years I have seen a lot of good players and it's an honor for me to play with Gandras, BurN, McLaren, Riot, Aveng3r, H!J@CK and Wenom.

6. This year a lot of teams has disbanded. Some teams are living few months or weeks then gets disbanded. Why do teams disband so quickly?
Bad leadership and  accepting racers with bad history/behaviour leads to team disband.

7. Every year before Captains cup MTA community has 10-12 active teams, but this year only 6 teams could take a part in the CC. A lot of players say that they don't have time for training so many maps, but still they've got time to spend it everyday on FFS server. Even few SAMP players came to play this tournament. Why don't some teams take a part in the tournament? Many players from these teams watch tournament's games anyway.  Or, for example, suckar left BOR and played for RTF.

Its just their decision to not participate in CC. I guess they are not enjoying training maps and rather they spend time playing in ffs.

8.  FPS rules are changing very quickly, in 2012 everyone played with 45 fps, 2013 - 50 and 52, today we play with 60 fps. Let's imagine that tomorrow everyone will play with 100 fps, in your opinion, will it be good or bad?

I did not not like when we changed fps to 60. I had no choice but to play on 60fps. If community decides to change fps to 100 then ok. You just have to accept things that you don’t even like

9. I remember you were playing for LcP, SGA, FC and RTF. Tell us all your teams you was in and share some interesting stories or impressions from playing in those teams.
Also I was in SF but team disbanded month later lol. LcP was my first serious race clan. After 1,5 years I had to leave LcP because I couldn’t just improve and was looking for better clan. During that time many good people left SGA to create own clan or join another so I decided to write an app to SGA and I was accepted. My time in SGA was one of the best, spectating and learning from best SGA racers helped me to improve my race skills and become known racer. I was in SGA until closure. It was an honor to play last SGA cw with H!J@CK. After that I created FC with Gandras. Our team didn’t had strong members but we managed to win many cws and tournaments but a year later we decided to close the clan because we didn't have much desire to play and carrying the clan was a burden for us. After a few months break I and Gandras decided to join RTF, we did not expect them to accept us because few mta racers tried to join them but were not accepted.

10. Tell us about captains cup 2020, how were you searching for players and how long have you been training for?
Me and Gandras told them about a tournament that is held once a year and they were interested but sadly only riot could play because others were busy and had no time to train. We decided to invite few racers who could help us and I am very grateful to them. We trained a lot that we almost knew every map.

10.1. Did you manage to pick all maps you wanted in the final, or Burn banned maps you wanted to play?
Before the final, we have already prepared a list of our maps that we will use against NET. They did not banned any of our map, but they knew some of our maps and played well.

11. what else do you want to say to some of the players? or maybe you've got some interesting ideas for MTA:RACE haven't you?
I will be kicking ur asses till i retire

All maps 30 cp... good joke
Forum » MTA/SA:MP Players » Interview » Interview with MRP
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