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Forum » Events and Tournaments » Tournaments Archive » Summer Cup 2012 by SKC (MTA) (Summer 2012)
Summer Cup 2012 by SKC (MTA)
GARIK08Date: Saturday, 31.08.2019, 12:13 | Message # 1

Team: LSR One Love

Posts: 186
Awards: 2
Reputation: -1

-45FPS max.
-Ghostmode ON.

-Nos: Normal/Hybrid/NFS (located in F1 Settings menu; default Hybrid).

-No Respawn.

-1 Match = clan vs clan, 4 players for each clan (4vs4). Substitutions allowed between each map, with 8 maps to play.

-each clan will send a list of players to subscribe: min 4, max 12.

Map Rules: Summer Cup Map-Pack (SCMP)
-each clan brings min2 max 10 maps to the SCMP, examples of type of maps are "pure race/stock/custom/offroad".

-all selected maps will be edited to use 1 spawn only (for a fair ghosted start) and shared between all participating clans.

-for each match, each clan selects 4 maps, not-contested.
(For specifics of maps, read the Map Parameters section, above this topic.)

not-contested = two clans challenging in the same match CANNOT use their own maps (example: SiK vs alw, they must not choose alw or SiK maps, but only maps from other clans).
* = in the interest of fairness, anyone who wants to check can join the server and take a look at the changes made to any or all maps.


The Championship is projected to be a long event. So this is the structure:
-QUALIFICATIONS, 4 groups where all clans will challenge in in-home and out-home matches.
-1st and 2nd will pass to the QUARTERS of FINALS.
-Classific is decided by points gained in each map. *

Points system:
1st : 25 points
2nd : 18 points
3rd : 15 points
4th : 12 points
5th : 10 points
6th : 8 points
7th : 6 points
8th : 4 points

* = example: a match alw vs MgC who finishes 83 vs 140 is meaning +83 to alw in classific, +140 to MgC in classific; DON'T DIE in your matches!!! Complete all maps!!! each point is important for your team =)

Direct, no in-home/out-home


Tourney starts the 1th of July 2012.
Deadline to send all maps and Player Lists: 5th July

15th July - Day 1, in home
22th July - Day 2, in home
29th July - Day 3, in home
5th Aug - Day 4, out home
12th Aug - Day 5, out home
19th Aug - Day 6, out home

26 Aug

2 Sept

9th Sept


A 24/7 passworded server will be provided for the duration of the tourney.
/votemap and /voteredo will be available for all participants (for testing/training purposes)
As said before, the package will be shared, so you can do your own private test if you want.
During the event the password will be changed and an external spectating admin will run each map in sequence.

In the official match server, with a Random math function, we will make group assignments, including a Spec group, so anyone who wants to spectate can do so. This procedure will be done soon: 1st July.



Edit of last minute. smile

At the end of the summercup will be rewarded the top5 of "Most played maps" and the top3 of "High rating maps".

That's a tourney into the tourney, so it's a challenge for makers too: send your masterpieces!

Players: rate all maps!

The reward will be to makers & clans too:
-maker who made it
-clan who sent it


Map Specs

This tourney also provides a good opportunity to exchange maps between clans :]

Maps parameters:
- Startline projected for 32 players unghosted
- No nerdy jumps/stunts*.
- No crisscross in close area **.
- Fixed: ramps, vehicle change pickups, nos/repair pickups, walls, all working and without bugs.
- Custom 3D objects are allowed, as long as they are fixed/working.
- No music.
- No Storm, Fog or Sandstorm.
- No strange sky colours, or settings that could impede a players visibility, including epileptic flashing colours.
- No random elements: BARRELS, moving obj, explosions, CnR, hunter-bot, etc; nothing who can cause a mass-die effect. ***

* = example: no awkward checkpoints placed in the air, catchable only after a jump with a bike by hitting a walkside etc after a full speed run... that's called INSANE STUNT map, not Race...
** = example: the map Royal Flush criss-crosses the startline when you arrive roughly at the end of the map, this is ok; likewise, Closeracing MSD maps usually have multiple criss-crosses within close proximity, and this is not allowed!
*** = example: Crane Traffic 3 is like saying "Satan", but a work like in Rumble is like say "Jesus" (vid ) coz is a decoration...

All maps 30 cp... good joke
GARIK08Date: Tuesday, 14.04.2020, 10:47 | Message # 2

Team: LSR One Love

Posts: 186
Awards: 2
Reputation: -1

All maps 30 cp... good joke
Forum » Events and Tournaments » Tournaments Archive » Summer Cup 2012 by SKC (MTA) (Summer 2012)
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