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Forum » Events and Tournaments » Tournaments Archive » MTA Race League: Season 2 by FoX (MTA) (Spring 2013)
MTA Race League: Season 2 by FoX (MTA)
THIRTYTWO_Date: Saturday, 31.08.2019, 16:07 | Message # 1

Posts: 13
Awards: 0
Reputation: 0
MTA League: Season two!

League Organisation- 6 clans in the league: SiK, Try, SGA, MgC, SKC, LSR- 10 matches per clan, each clan plays two matches with each other clan - one HOME match and one AWAY match- Winner of the league is clan with the most points, clan get 2 points for a victory and 1 for a draw. If more clans have same number of points, their place is ordered by their mutual matches (firstly by points of their mutual matches and then by +/- score of their mutual matches)- During the league is planned National Cup and All-stars Game- Leaders decide all dates and times of matches before league’s start. If any clan wants to change a date of its match, opponents must agree.- Scoreboard and matches are here:

Match system- 5 versus 5, unlimited substitutions- Ghostmode ON, Nos system allowed (nfs / hybrid / normal)- Only registered players can play, newly registered player can’t play match for 7 days since their registration- Each clan chooses 5 maps from the list of the nominated maps (below in this document)- Each clan tell its chosen maps to their opponents a week before match- Each clan decides about maximum FPS on their server. This setting musn’t be changed during the season. Value of this setting must be between 40 and 50- Point system - 1st (15 poits), 2nd (13 points), 3rd (11 points), 4th (9 points), 5th (7 points), 6th (5 points), 7th (4 points), 8th (3 points), 9th (2 points), 10th (1 point)- All servers must have minimally minimally 32 slots- All league’s maps has 1 spawnpoint, all clans get map pack, point script and anti-smoke script before league’s start

National Cup- All interested national teams take part in this event, but each national team must have minimally 4 players from MTA League and no more than 1 player out of the league (if you do not have an exception)- All national teams’ captains must register their national team until end of the 4th round- National Cup is planned for the 6th week of MTA League- Map system: ??? (soon)

All-stars Game- 4 teams- 4 captains build a 6-player team from nominated players. Best 4 players from each clan are nominated- Team are randomly put on the positions for semifinal round. Winners play final, losers play 3rd place game- All-stars Game is set between 8th and 9th MTA league’s round

List of nominated maps- Each clan nominates 15 maps. No skill or fun maps allowed.

Speed is King:The Slam, Race 3-1, Race 3-2, Clip, Control, Crazy, Dangerous, High Noon, OldschoolRally, Potemkins Speedway, Royal Flush, SF by Night, SiK - Tournament Stage 1, SiK - Tournament Stage 4, Wu Zi Mu

The Rider Yardbirds:Sandking. Find the Cock. Bandito. Drift. Evil Time Trial 3. LSI. Giles Villeneuve,  The Specialist 3, Deja Vu, Potemkin Speedway, Farewell my Love, Dockside BLASTAround, Desert BLASTAround, Insultan 2, Sultan Age

Skilled Gamers Alliance:Easwood, Broken Hills, Dock Yard Scramble, Dra Dragoncity2, Drift, Easy Driving gpt1, jump2it, Master Race, Offoread Animal, Sabre Turbo Race, SF Dirty Bikes Challenge, SF Sanchez, SMC 4 - Night LV Sprint, SMC 5 - Docks, Where the Buffalo Roam

Multi Gaming Collective:1986, Alpha Attack LV, Arround LV, Blood Feud, Boogie Fever 3, Dustrise, From the Shadows, Chilliad GP, Insultan 5, LV Furious, Offroad Enduro, Pirate Ship 43, Rally Rock, Slick, Undertaker

Sofa King Cool:Autodromo, Budapest, Cannonball, Country Hill Run, Dam Loop, Desert Burnthru, FDP Midnight Run 5, Malibu Cliffs, NW Downtown Sports, Porsche Cup 2008, Rez level 2, Rolling in Vinewood, SKC Airport Drift, SKC Circuit 1, Unexpected

Legal Street Racing:Race 1-2, Race 1-4, Race 3-3, Race 3-4, Speed R, 61 Mission 61, Docks-Blueberry, Ganton - Santa Maria Beach, Garcia - Restricted Area, Ghetto is My Home, GP Angel Pine, GP Las Venturas Q, McLaren MP4-12C(2 lap), Ordinary LV, Underground Party

Registered players:

Speed is King:Sexmaniac, 1thwonder, weet-niks, Arstek, BladeForNipples, Piter, “The_0ne”, WintersuN, Giuvannaru91, Mazzei++, Fabiangothman, GioNux, reLax, *Naamloos*, Logan, Blacky, ALV, Cheetah, Clark_Kent, D4vy, drifter, EddY, i514x, lhadj45, LamericanoO, RaO, Slovakia, asablic, ThoR, ^TiPiR^, ZaXeR, Bardiurs, themasyafIN: Bardiurs (24.2.2013), themasyaf (25.3.2013)OUT: i514x (15.2.2013)

The Rider Yardbirds:Honya, Epica, Anderson, Donacco, Drake, Ferrari, Funkybro, HardGay, Hulpje, JKMW, Kira, Leavin, Mox, Pollaman, Pauerful, Snake, Tann, ToRtUr3R, Wieru, Pingeris, i514x, Tupac.IN: Tigress (21.1.2013), Bolha (23.1.2013), Pingeris (10.2.2013), i514x (15.2.2013), Tupac.(24.2.2013)OUT: SandySweet (10.2.2013), Leavin (10.2.2013)

Skilled Gamers Alliance:^badtrip, Aveng3r, Cobra, Crank, dee_denko, DimeK, H!J@CK, Hakke, jack123, jeff*, Kasha666, KillaMarci, Kolle55*, martin11, Mikk, Must_Die, Nitronica, Painkiller, Postal, PyToSs, quality, RaC3R, Roman, Stalker, Tanatos, Tikersky, Wilu, wtf, XxFlorixX, SandySweetIN: SandySweet (12.2.2013)

Multi Gaming Collective:Surreal_Killer, AySea, BloodyMurdeR, Cleavage, elof, FasT, foshizzler, FuckOff, FuriouS, FuZ, IJAN.rtrt, IKEELYA, Jopy, LoSt719, Moii, MSD, naso, Orgazm, Siphersh, tsuneo, VAC, Wael_Rafa, WingedBull, Wurstfinger, Xerion, Yufuss, VforVendetta, ValtielOUT: chikko, chulo, deword, helger, key, ollza, rushman, xicles, YaMaT0, (all 28.1.2013)IN: VforVendetta (23.1.2013), Valtiel (24.3.2013)

Sofa King Cool:TD_Mystic, Botn, Whiskey, Malaki, Noah, gini, DaRk_AxEl, MrBrown, Scoopa, B!ber_Do$, Puuks, Tabby, Nanobot, Scanner, Wiltsu, ZerO, Mrs.Cortez, Cortez, PYGsterik, Georgije, CsenaHUN, Mr_fear, Dockinode, Ruuub, Runman, MCvarial, SlayerX, Tollaize, hipis161, ViRuS, Borek, JrMan, AdiBoy, Obelix, Sensless, Fresh, Heggy, Danboi, Grungy, Bagpuss, Plodders, Ivan_xXx, HumanTrafiC, Sputs|uk, SyS, Dop3man83Uk, Frank, Tulaipo, Hitman, Lordterras, 31Check, BezimiennyIN: SyS (29.1.2013), Tulaipo (31.1.2013), Hitman (31.3.2013), Lordterras (1.3.2013), 31Check (24.2.2013), Bezimienny (3.3.2013)

Legal Street Racing:Garik08, Evolution, DoplhiN, Redline, |Eidolon|, Vantage, JeaNeX, WayToDie, Vanquish, ShIfT_32, SANTA, NeL, apFeL, KeNwOOD, Vally, Kalra_saabIN: Vally (24.3.2013), Kalra_saab (31.3.2013)
GARIK08Date: Tuesday, 14.04.2020, 10:48 | Message # 2

Team: LSR One Love

Posts: 187
Awards: 2
Reputation: -1

All maps 30 cp... good joke
GARIK08Date: Tuesday, 14.04.2020, 10:54 | Message # 3

Team: LSR One Love

Posts: 187
Awards: 2
Reputation: -1

All maps 30 cp... good joke
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