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Forum » Our Tournaments » MTA Race League | Season 2020 » League 2020 | Rules
League 2020 | Rules
GARIK08Date: Monday, 20.04.2020, 09:19 | Message # 1

Team: LSR One Love

Posts: 187
Awards: 2
Reputation: -1
1. Requirements.
1.1. Any team/clan can register for the championship.
1.2. You must have atleast 5 members in your roster.
1.3. Each clan can register with two teams, but these players will not be able to split through the rosters and play for each other. For example, SiK-B players can only participate in division B. If we have 4 teams registered with double rosters, we will create division B.
1.4. In case of 12 registered teams, there is a possibility that we are going to split in 2 divisions. The same about quialifications.
1.5. All registered teams will be able to take part in the championship, and the distribution through divisions will happen according to the results of qualifications. Qualifications will only be required if a large number of teams are registered.

2. Players.
2.1. Only players whose MTA Serial ID is listed in the team's application are allowed to participate in matches. Paragraph 9.3 should also be taken into account;
2.2. Blacklisted players are not allowed to participate in matches.

3. Judiciary.
3.1. At least one referee attendance required at each match.
3.2. Only persons appointed by the MTA-RACING organizers are allowed to judge matches.
3.3. League organizers appoint one chief referee for each match, but any match can be judged by multiple referees.
3.4. The chief referee is responsible for organizing the match. You need to invite players to the server, check all the players' SERIAL IDS, closely monitor the progress of the match, and restart the map if necessary.
3.5. After the end of the match, the referee have to post the match report on the MTA-RACING forum.
3.6. The report must contain the necessary information, the report form can be found on the MTA forum-RACING.
3.7. League organizers can exclude the referee from the list, and prohibit him from judging matches.

4. Maps:
4.1. Each registered team choose 10 RACE maps and send them to organizer.
4.1.1. Maps must not have a name similar to SKCvsSiK 01012020-Infernus. If you want to send a map with a similar name, you need to rename it.
4.1.2. Teams upload maps for each category, 3 maps for the City category, 2 maps for the Offroad category, 2 maps for the Circuit category, 2 maps for the Moto category, 1 map for the Planes category. Total: if 8 teams participate in the championship, the final list will have 80 maps.
4.2. It is forbidden to add bugged maps, maps with bad textures, hidden car change pickups, or invisible nos, repair pickups. No maps on train, dumper and other terrible cars and vehicles. But, for example, you can add a map for transport Yosemite, Greenwood, etc.
4.3. The organizers can refuse to add any map, we don't want to do this, but if the map is terrible, we can refuse.
4.4. After a complete list of maps, the organizers split them by class (City, Offroad, Circuit, Moto, Planes).
4.5. Before the match, each team bans one category of maps. This means that teams will not play maps from this category. For example: SKC vs FC Match, SKC banned City class, FC banned Planes class. This means that teams will play maps from the Offroad, Circuit, and Moto categories.
4.6. Next, the script randomly selects 10 maps from the rest categories for the match. But! From one class, players can play maximum 4 maps, and only 2 maps from the Hydra class.
(This will be implemented technically on the server, or the referees will have to pay attention on the selection of random maps.) You can do this yourself on any site which generate random numbers. Therefore, most likely the script will not be needed.
4.6.1. The random system can select maps in any order from different categories. If the map is choosen twice, the judge must select a different maps. (Two identical maps in the same match are prohibited).

5. Games and championship calendar.
5.1. Matches will be played on the Race CW with scripts Race League mode. Any player can choose the FPS to 50 or 60.
5.1.2. Match scoring system: 1st place-15 points, 2nd place-13 points, 3rd place-11 points, 4th place-9 points, 5th place-7 points, 6th place-5 points, 7th place – 4 points, 8th place – 3 points, 9th place – 2 points, 10th place – 1 point.
5.2. The match is only played on a server that fully meets the requirements. (One server will be provided by the organizers).
5.3. The time of the match is set by the organizers, but the teams can agree to postpone it to another day and time. If the time or date changes, teams have to inform the organizers about the new date and time.
5.4. All matches have to be played according to the 5x5 scheme. If your team doesn't have a fifth, fourth, or third player, you can agree to play 4x4, 3x3, or 2x2, but your opponent can refuse and play 5x4, 5x3, 5x2, 4x3, 4x2, or 3x2.
5.5. If the team is 15 minutes late, the team that showed up on time gets 3 points.
5.6. If all players from one team don’t show up on time, the team that showed up gets 3 points.
5.7. To be able to play the match you must have 2 players on the server. Write last letter of your nickname at registration, paragraph number 5.
5.8. To have some free weekends The championship schedule will be divided into 2 or 3 parts with breaks, depending on the number of registered teams.
5.9. Depending on the number of registered teams, you will know how many times each team will play each other. A two-round championship is possible (each team plays each team twice), or only one (each team plays each team only once).

6. Summing up the results of the match.
6.1 Points are added according to the standings depending on the number of points scored in the match and the final result of the match.
6.1.2. If a team scores 500-550 points, 7 points are awarded in the standings, 450-499-6 points, 400 – 449 – 5 points, 350 – 399 – 4 points, 300 – 349 – 3 points, 299 – 250 – 2 points, 249 – 200 – 1 score. 1 – 199 – 0,5 points. Also, for each victory, the team gets 1 point. The maximum number of points per match = 8.
For example: the match ended with the result SiK 350 - 299 NKC, in the table, the SiK team will get 4 points + 1 point for winning = 5 points, the NKC team gets 2 points.
6.3. If the number of points in a match is equal, so that you get a draw, for example, SKC 349-349 FC, in this case, the teams receive 3 points in the standings. No one gets a point for winning.
6.4. If there is an equal number of points in the standings, the team will be higher according to the criteria of point 6.5.
6.5. The team that won the match between these two teams.
6.5.1.If the teams haven't played yet, or each team has won one match between them, the team with the better points difference in the matches will be in the standings above.

7. Captains are required.
7.1. Control the order within the team.
7.2. Inform the organizers of all changes involving their team, changes in the roster, new players in the roster, the same thing about former members, changes in the schedule, etc.
7.3. The player who switches among teams which are taking part in the tournament, notify the organizers in the appropriate topic.
7.4. Regularly update MTA Serial IDs and the list of players announced for the event.

8. Players are not allowed to:
8.1. Flood, insult players or referees (punishment - mute or technical loss up to the referee).
8.2. Use cheating software, changed textures, changed models, animations, and other ways to gain an advantage over an opponent (technical loss in a match, player goes to blacklist if cheating software is detected).
8.3. Participate in the event if your MTA Serial ID is not listed in the clan application.

9. Transfers.
9.1. While switching from clan to clan, the player must notify the League administration about it in the topic Transfers.
9.2. While switching from clan to clan, the captains of both teams are required to delete / add their nickname and MTA Serial ID to the application.
9.3. After switching to a new team, the player cannot play the next match of this team.
9.4. The transfer date is the date fixed in the Transfers topic.

10. Replacing and removing teams.
10.1. When a clan is closed or the clan cannot continue to play, all rounds and points associated with that clan are removed from the final statistics.
10.2. If you do not show up for two matches during the event, the team is removed from the tournament.
10.3. The organizers have the right to remove any team from the League for inactivity or numerous rules violations.
10.4. The organizers have the right to replace the removed team with a new one.
10.5. While replacing a team, the new team takes all the points from the old team and already played matches with the same score as they were finished, but these matches can be played again.

11. Regulations knowledge.
11.1. Regulations knowledge - means full introduction with all points of the regulations.
11.2. The organization has the right to ban the team, if the rules are not known by any clan leader.

12. The organizers of the League have the right to decide about any controversial issue.

All maps 30 cp... good joke
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