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    As you can know from schedule of MTA League, after Christmas is planned National Cup, where players do not represent their clans, but their countries. This year it would be different than last time, because we are allowing to play to any players – not just from the league.

    Every interested national team has to send me (Honya) player list until 15.12.2013, all matches going to be played with league match system on servers of clans, which take part in MTA League. Complete schedule for National Cup should be known until 23.12.2013, number of matches and system deppends on number of registred teams.

    Map system isnt known yet, but its probably going to be similar like last season (each team choosed 7 maps for whole tournament and 5 of these maps for each match).

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    Results 3 tour:

    uDka - FoX320-365
    At the beginning of the season, many of us understand - udka outsider to the league. But after two games, we can see that this team has had time to pull the nerves. Udka won after two rounds at the SKC, but then still the biggest loser. In the game against the Fox, team would win the home game and lost with a minimum score. Fox team recently got a lot of great players who immediately joined the game.The team on the big rise.I think the successes the team can compete for the top three.
    SiK - SKC: 373-326
    Derby third tour! Fantastic game. After five rounds of fairly large SiK began to fall behind in the score.It was seen as SKC relaxed a bit. But sik not give up. Just a few rounds of leveling the score. In the last round the team wins 5-0 and take points from the league leaders. SKC gave ​​an attempt to break the team SGA. Will they be able to come off at 4 points? These teams will meet in the next tour.
    The best players of the tour:
    Gionux (SiK)
    Rovan (FoX)
    Next Tour:
    SiK - uDka
    SKC - SGA
    16.11 - 17.11
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