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    Thanks for joining the last race of Gasolina Championship - Edition 2! 

    The Final Race:
    - Race winner netmclaren gained 60 points (50 points for finishing as first and +10 for the fastest lap)!

    - net//deividz wins the Gasolina Championship!
    - netmclaren finished as second and NET//Aveng3r as third!
    - All valid fastest laps from Race 1, 2, 3, 4 and The Final Race have been set by NET players!
    - Three NET players standing on the podium, followed by three RTF players.

    I'm glad to see that many players liked the Gasolina Championship event.
    Today there were almost 60 players joining the server for the last race of this edition.
    This gives me more motivation to create more and better race events...

    The new Gasolina Championship will start in January 2021!
    (c) Stroth

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    1. Hello, Burn. Community knows you under that nickname, but what's your real name?

                    My name is Piotr.

    2. Tell us about your city and your country. What's interesting in your town?

                    I live in a village that is situated in eastern Poland. There’s nothing really interesting around but what I like about it is for sure that slow paced life and surrounding nature

    3. Probably you have another interesting hobby besides mta. Is it reading, sports or something else? Tell us what you are into.

                    There’s not much what I do. I don’t have any talent I think. Besides MTA I’m mostly focused on university and self-development. I really enjoy watching football when there’s a good match in TV or ski jumping. Lately I’ve started working out but due to lack of time, I can’t do it regularly… Maybe after exams ;p

    4. How did you start playing GTA SA multiplayer and why do you like to play mta race? what's interesting in racing in the 2004 year game?

                    That’s a hard question. First time that I played GTA SA was probably around 2006 or 2007 on my cousin’s computer (I was not even 10 years old :P). I don’t remember how I found MTA but I started playing it back in 2009 on Destruction Derby server called Utopia DD.
                    I really like competitiveness of racing, even though it’s really old game, it can still bring really great emotions (last Captain’s Cup for example).

    5. You've been playing for many years, you've seen a lot of players in this game. Tell 5 or more best players you've ever played with.

                    I’ve met a lot of great players throughout all these years, but definitely #1 is H!J@CK. This dude was incredible racer in every single aspect of the game, probably the greatest bikes player of race scene, and he did that on gamepad, insane! He built me as a player and I owe him my entire career.
                    Next one is Aveng3r. He is my team mate right now, but we are playing together for years. He is a great player and person. He is hanging around for probably around 10 years and being in top 5 players to this day.
                    Puuks – this guy is a monster on circuits. I remember when I played my first CW against SKC, I was amazed how fast he was. Definitely a guy who is respected among older players.
                    BladeForNipples – He put car control and speed to a whole new level. We started playing together back in 2012 iirc, throughout the years he has kept his skills and speed. Even if he comes from inactivity, he has ability to carry a CW with ease.
                    McLareN – my next team mate, I think we first met in N’C where he started his whole journey. In the past two or three years he has developed insane skill set that allowed him to dominate Race scene. Definitely one of the fastest racers ever.
                    morpp and Gandras – these folks skill exploded in 2019. Every team would like to have them since it guarantees consistency.

    6. This year a lot of teams has disbanded. Some teams are living few months or weeks then gets disbanded. Why do teams disband so quickly?

                &nbs ... Read more »

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    1st - McLareN, Reign, Thor, Waldek 

    2nd - Riot, MRP, Gandras, SuperJames

    3rd - Confused, JN, 22

    Congratulations Most Wanted, Road Tearing Force and Only Funs When. Thank you all for participating, see you soon!


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  • 08:05 | 10.05.2021

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