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    Some information about the tournament. Tournament will be played by 3 players against 3 players. Find your team, come up with a team name and register. Registration will take 1 or 2 weeks. After that, we will create groups. 1 match will contain 6 races. Races will be random cw maps(vanilla). We have a pool of about 1000 maps. Matches will be played on 3v3 TOURNAMENT SERVER (IP: The server will be unlocked when it is ready to play. And it won't lock, so you can prepare for the match. Also you may happen to get a map on match, which you drove earlier on server.

    Discord link:

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    Yesterday our tournament "Captains Cup 2020" was ended. This year maps were announced 35 days before the start of the tournament. All players had a lot of time for training.

    In 2015, 2016 and 2019 I added maps for each team to map list, it was easy because many teams played cw with training maps. This year I remembered only one cw with training maps, that's why there were few maps with shortcuts. You don't have to play “cw training” every weekend. There are played about 3-4 clanwars on vanilla maps every week, so if this year there will be at least 1 clan war per 1-2 weeks on trained maps, i'll be able to pick those maps for the next captains cup.

    Every year I add new maps, only the classic category does not change. If you will be playing cw with maps training and would like to see your maps in the list later, don’t choose maps from previous captain's cups.

    I think previous seasons (2015-2019) had much easier maps than we had this year. There were a lot of vanilla maps in the city lasting 1.30 - 3 minutes.
    Every year I add new cars and in this year I added Glendale, Ambulance, Hustler, Bloodring and Stallion.


    It was very hard to organize a tournament with 7 teams, so we decided to make a qualifying match on AQ and uDka. This was first qualifying match in history of tournament. AQ won with score 295:405.

    Main event

    1st NET – Congratulations to your team, Aveng3r is a three-time champion, Mateoryt and Tann have won cup for the second time. Very good pick in the final and first victory for this clan in the cup.

    2th – RTF – Very strong team, MRP, Gandras and few strong players from SA: MP is the machine to win. JN and Riot invite your SA:MP friends to the next cup, maybe you can create a new team and you can win this tournament.

    3th - SKC – Guys, your match against NET is now in the history of the tournament. APFEL told me that the last time he felt this kind of emotion was at the 2012 Summer Cup after LSR - MgC quarterfinals. You are very cool guys, FeNsTeR has been inactive for 10 months, but then comes back and shows great performance in this tournament. I think after this tournament you will have a lot of fans.

    4th - LSR – We were able to beat our main competitor in this tournament,it was too hard for us to play against NET and RTF. Thanks to all my players.

    5 – 6

    SiK  - This is a new experience for your guys. I know that Aroszparo really likes this script. You chose very interesting maps and it was hard for me to play against your team. Maybe next time you will be better.

    AQ – Where are your best players against LSR? I was looking forward to an interesting fight. Ignition is the MVP of the match against SKC. Speedy improved his  skill from the last CC. Maybe next time you will be better.

    uDka - thanks for playing without fakes from the Turks. Respect to Bruno for playing against AQ.

    It was an interesting tournament for me, crazy final and RTF 314-314 NET before the last round. Lots of good matches, battle between RTF, NET and SKC. The players had a lot of emotions, all these 2 days you were talking only about the tournament.

    2 days of non-stop racing with interesting mode ended.
    Evolution streamed everything on his twitch channel with interesting statistics. All tournament matches will be published on youtube later. Lukum thank you very much for help in organization.


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    Last sunday started Captain's Cup 2020. For the first time in the history of the tournament, an open qualifying match was played.

    Match uDka - AQ ended with score 295:405

    Congratulation AQ and good luck in main event.

    Tournament schedule: 

    Saturday (21.11.2020)
    14:00 | LSR - SiK
    15:05 | AQ - SKC
    16:10 | NET - LSR
    17:15 | SKC - RTF
    18:20 | SiK - NET
    19:25 | RTF - AQ
    20:30 | Semifinal A - (A1 & B2)

    Sunday (22.11.2020)
    14:00 | Semifinal B - (B1 & A2)
    15:05 | Losers Round 1 - Loser of Group (A) vs Loser of Semifinal (A)
    16:10 | Losers Round 1 - Loser of Group (B) vs Loser of Semifinal (B)
    17:15 | Winner's Final - Winners of Semifinals (A & B)
    18:20 | Losers Round 2 - Winner Losers Round 1(A) vs Winner Losers Round 1(B)
    19:25 | Losers Final - Loser of the Winner's Final vs Winner of Losers Round 2
    20:30 | Grand Final - (Winner Winner's Final vs the Winner of the Losers Final) 

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