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    Grand Prix: Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya

    Good day everyone. Our project presents to your attention our next event in this year called "Grand Prix: Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya". Every interested player can take a part. Specially for this event we prepared the big track and changed car handling. Grand prix will consist od 3 stages [practice, qualification, race].

    Practice will be able to everyone from 16 to 23 (CEST). This is a good opportunity to get to know the track and to get used to car’s handling. Players can play in practice for unlimited amount of time.

    In qualification players have to set best lap time. Each player will have 4 hours to do it. First session starts at 16:00 and ends at 18:00. Second session – 20:00 – 22:30. Players can play in both of sessions, best lap time goes in the overall qualification results. Baset on results, 30 best players go to the next round – Sunday race.

    Best 30 players get starting position in order as they qualified. Players have to drive 25 laps, and refill cars during the race.

    - Referees: GARIK08, THIRTYTWO, lukum, Evolution - Ghostmode: ON - Server: later

    Date and time: (TIME - CEST!!! )

    23rd April 2021, Friday (16:00 – 22:30) – free practice, any player can join to server and learn track.
    24th April 2021, Saturday (16:00 – 18:00) – first qualification, (20:30 – 22:30) second qualification
    25th April 2021, Sunday (20:00) – race. Race starts at 20:00, dont be late, we cant wait for one player.

    Tournaments rules:

    1)Cheats, mods and any programs that give you an advantage are forbidden;
    2)FPS limit 60, but you can change it by command /fps;
    3)Forиnon-sporting behavior the player will be disqualified;
    4)Players should be disqualified for substitution;
    5)If player(s) hadn't arrived in time he(they) is(are) automatically enjoy the status "DNS";

    Registration -

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