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    1. Hello, Burn. Community knows you under that nickname, but what's your real name?

                    My name is Piotr.

    2. Tell us about your city and your country. What's interesting in your town?

                    I live in a village that is situated in eastern Poland. There’s nothing really interesting around but what I like about it is for sure that slow paced life and surrounding nature

    3. Probably you have another interesting hobby besides mta. Is it reading, sports or something else? Tell us what you are into.

                    There’s not much what I do. I don’t have any talent I think. Besides MTA I’m mostly focused on university and self-development. I really enjoy watching football when there’s a good match in TV or ski jumping. Lately I’ve started working out but due to lack of time, I can’t do it regularly… Maybe after exams ;p

    4. How did you start playing GTA SA multiplayer and why do you like to play mta race? what's interesting in racing in the 2004 year game?

                    That’s a hard question. First time that I played GTA SA was probably around 2006 or 2007 on my cousin’s computer (I was not even 10 years old :P). I don’t remember how I found MTA but I started playing it back in 2009 on Destruction Derby server called Utopia DD.
                    I really like competitiveness of racing, even though it’s really old game, it can still bring really great emotions (last Captain’s Cup for example).

    5. You've been playing for many years, you've seen a lot of players in this game. Tell 5 or more best players you've ever played with.

                    I’ve met a lot of great players throughout all these years, but definitely #1 is H!J@CK. This dude was incredible racer in every single aspect of the game, probably the greatest bikes player of race scene, and he did that on gamepad, insane! He built me as a player and I owe him my entire career.
                    Next one is Aveng3r. He is my team mate right now, but we are playing together for years. He is a great player and person. He is hanging around for probably around 10 years and being in top 5 players to this day.
                    Puuks – this guy is a monster on circuits. I remember when I played my first CW against SKC, I was amazed how fast he was. Definitely a guy who is respected among older players.
                    BladeForNipples – He put car control and speed to a whole new level. We started playing together back in 2012 iirc, throughout the years he has kept his skills and speed. Even if he comes from inactivity, he has ability to carry a CW with ease.
                    McLareN – my next team mate, I think we first met in N’C where he started his whole journey. In the past two or three years he has developed insane skill set that allowed him to dominate Race scene. Definitely one of the fastest racers ever.
                    morpp and Gandras – these folks skill exploded in 2019. Every team would like to have them since it guarantees consistency.

    6. This year a lot of teams has disbanded. Some teams are living few months or weeks then gets disbanded. Why do teams disband so quickly?

                    Wish I knew. That’s probably lack of self-confidence that they can achieve something. Also taking this game with distance is a good idea since stress can lead to unwanted conflicts that kill atmosphere inside. Have confidence that you can be in top, don’t give up and that’s the way to go. Gandras is definitely an example for that.


    7. Every year before Captains cup MTA community has 10-12 active teams, but this year only 6 teams could take a part in the CC. A lot of players say that they don't have time for training so many maps, but still they've got time to spend it everyday on FFS server. Even few SAMP players came to play this tournament.

    Why don't some teams take a part in the tournament? Many players from these teams watch tournament's games anyway.  Or, for example, suckar left BOR and played for RTF.

                    It is just a sign of the times. Clan Wars with random maps took over MTA Race scene and I doubt that it will ever change. Players are getting older, they have less time to play the game for fun, so there’s no will to spend hours training maps.

    8. FPS rules are changing very quickly, in 2012 everyone played with 45 fps, 2013 - 50 and 52.
    today we play with 60 fps
    Let's imagine that tomorrow everyone will play with 100 fps, in your opinion, will it be good or bad?

                    In my opinion 60fps should be last stop. Going up would change the game in a negative way. Even though this game is really old, some players would struggle to play with stable 100fps. Moreover, on 100fps cars are barely drifting and that kills whole fun for me.

    9. Tell us all your teams you was in and share some interesting stories or impressions from playing in those teams.
                    I think that talking about my all teams would take too long :D But I can tell about few:
    SGA – definitely the most competitive clan I’ve ever been. Back in 2013 we were fighting between each other just to get a place on clanwar. Legendary team, with a leader who has build careers of many of us.
    AFE – this team had a really friendly atmosphere and great skilled players

    10. Tell about captains cup 2020, how was it for you and your team?

    It was really tough. At first, I was planning not to participate in this tournament because of exam that I had on Tuesday. But after a bit of hesitation I thought “Hey, you are a leader, you must show up!” and that’s what I did.
    We didn’t spend too much time training before CC started, only Mateoryt played all maps, Laren played most of them, others saw few maps or not joined at all.

    On Saturday we gathered on the server and thought about picks for final (we were confident that we can reach it). We trained few maps that we wanted to use in final but we had no idea what should we take in other stages. We played group stage with picking random maps with hope that we can just outskill other teams. And it was this way until we met SKC in semifinal. During pick stage we miscommunicated and our cap banned wrong map (we wanted to ban San Fierro Street Series 2 but ended up banning something else). Also we picked Find The Cock without training it because we thought that we can beat everyone there since we have old experienced players. It ended up in a way that we lost by 3 points and we were really pissed off. We felt that SKC wasn’t better team, but we just threw it away.

    That situation was frustrating and motivating at the same time. Because we lost, we went straight to training server and started practicing. We spent probably around 4 hours training our best maps to be even better and getting knowledge about maps that we never touched. Luckily, that loss wasn’t end of our journey in Captain’s Cup.

    The next day, we played first two matches without Aveng3r and under my leadership. We were insanely motivated to win whole tournament and the most important – to take revenge on SKC. We went through SiK in our first match, then LSR and then it was time to face SKC once again. We came with big emotions to this match, but we were really focused on our job. This time, McLareN knew maps so he was back to his skill level and rest of the team went for safe, solid points just to secure win. It wasn’t an easy cw but we handled the pressure.

    And then final. One year ago we lost to FC and now we had to face RTF that has two of last year winners and other top players. Even though we like each other, it was really stressful because both teams wanted to win. I must admit that during High Noon map I already wrote “ok gg, we lost” because I thought they are going for 5-0. Luckily that was not the case and my team was still so motivated and confident that we managed to do 3-0 on last map and secure win. Playing 4 cws that day was really hard, we disconnected right after that cw and started celebrating on discord.

    11. what else do you want to say to some of the players? or maybe you've got some interesting ideas for MTA:RACe haven't you?

                    Remember that this game is all about having fun even though we like to make it competitive sometimes. Believe in yourself and you’ll achieve whatever you dream about

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