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    Welcome to 'Gasolina Championship'.

    Gasolina Championship is a new Multi Theft Auto racing event organised by Stroth.
    This event consists of six Grand Prix.
    The first driver to cross the finish line wins the race. Drivers can get points by setting the best Finish Times. The driver with the best Lap Record will get five points (driver with best lap record has to finish in position 1-10).

    For this event the fuel system will be implemented for a more realistic racing experience. Driving with less fuel will result in a faster car and more fuel will result in a slower car. However, players have to refill their fuel tank during the race to prevent running out of fuel.
    Before the first race there will be a demo race without points, so that players can understand how the fuel system works. The duration of one race day event is less than 30 minutes.

    ​Registration for this event is not necessary, there are max. 60 slots available!

    Questions can be asked on the Discord app ( username = Stroth#3081 ). ​For more info visit


    Name: Street Outlaws | Gasolina Championship |
    Server Address: mtasa://


    Demo Race - Friday 5 June 2020 - 21:00 CEST (instruction race without points)
    Race 1 - Friday 5 June 2020 - 21:10 CEST (first race with points)
    Race 2 - Saturday 6 June 2020 - 20:30 CEST

    Race 3 - Friday 12 June 2020 - 20:30 CEST
    Race 4 - Saturday 13 June 2020 - 20:30 CEST

    Race 5 - To be announced
    The Final Race - Double Points - To be announced

    I did my best trying to find the best date and time to organise the races between all other MTA tournaments. As earlier announced this tournament was already on the planning to be organised around this time. If you can't play a race, you can always join another race on the calendar.
    See you on Friday 5 June 2020, starting at 20:00 CEST with a demo race!

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    It's finally here, after 5 years off! Race Summer Cup 2020 is an individual race tournament based on classic competitive race gameplay hosted by FFS Gaming.


    • Everyone is able to participate with an exception for FoXX members.
    • If you miss your game without notifying anyone from the event staff you might be disqualified.
    • Insulting, provoking and speech of hate forbidden.
    • flooding the chat with meaningless characters and binds disallowed.
    • Cheating if forbidden.
    • Shortcuts allowed.
    • Mods that change vehicles' handling forbidden.
    •  If someone times out up to 10 seconds after the map started we redo the map.
    • If someone times out after 10 or more seconds elapsed we carry on playing.
    • 60 fps.
    • Each group will play 10 unknown maps.
    • race delay indicator, one spawn, auto pimp disabled, speedometer, nos-nfs included.


    • Each match consists of 10 unknown maps, map duration is between 2-4 mins.
    • The only way to score points is to finish in top 10 of each map
    • For the game points we are using classic race system (15, 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0 onwards)
    • Winners are players with the highest amount of points by the end of the 10th round.


    With a huge help of race mappers we made over 200 maps for this tournament. I would like to say a big thank you to the mappers who are willing to help us, lets mention their nicks:

    • JoeyNelson
    • FastLine
    • Henrk
    • Reign
    • Waldek
    • BurN

    Each match will contain 10 unknown maps. Maps will be made with diffrent vehicles and maps won't be uploaded before match starts. Each maplist will contain:

    • 4 Common vehicles
    • 4 Uncommon vehicles
    • 1 Bike
    • 1 Offroad


    To be a part of this event, you must reply to the Registration thread (to be posted soon).


    We are proudly announcing a whopping 80 € prize pool! Distribution of prize pool is as follows:

    • 1st Place: 40 € + $1 500 000 ingame money
    • 2nd Place: 25 € + $1 000 000 ingame money
    • 3rd Place: 15 € + $500 000 ingame money
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    Summary of MTA: Need for Speed:
    1. FC|MRP wins the tournament with a dominating 132 points. During the 7 races of MTA: Need for Speed FC|MRP has 2 race wins and 2 lap records.
    2. AV.Koniu finished 2nd on the total standings with 81 points without winning a race or lap record.

    3. Goold old NET/Aveng3r scored 72 points for the Russian army and finished 3rd on the total standings. All the 72 points were scored in the last three races!

    Upcoming tournaments:

    There will be a new tournament. The upcoming tournament will have the fuel system. The next tournament will probably take place in June 2020.

    Before this there will be great races during the MTA Race League 2020 tournament organised by Garik.

    I recommend following the YouTube channel (MTA Racing Street Outlaws) and Discord (Events section) to receive news and information about the upcoming MTA tournaments.

    Thanks for joining MTA: Need for Speed, and I'll see you on the next tournament! (Stroth)

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