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    Last sunday started Captain's Cup 2020. For the first time in the history of the tournament, an open qualifying match was played.

    Match uDka - AQ ended with score 295:405

    Congratulation AQ and good luck in main event.

    Tournament schedule: 

    Saturday (21.11.2020)
    14:00 | LSR - SiK
    15:05 | AQ - SKC
    16:10 | NET - LSR
    17:15 | SKC - RTF
    18:20 | SiK - NET
    19:25 | RTF - AQ
    20:30 | Semifinal A - (A1 & B2)

    Sunday (22.11.2020)
    14:00 | Semifinal B - (B1 & A2)
    15:05 | Losers Round 1 - Loser of Group (A) vs Loser of Semifinal (A)
    16:10 | Losers Round 1 - Loser of Group (B) vs Loser of Semifinal (B)
    17:15 | Winner's Final - Winners of Semifinals (A & B)
    18:20 | Losers Round 2 - Winner Losers Round 1(A) vs Winner Losers Round 1(B)
    19:25 | Losers Final - Loser of the Winner's Final vs Winner of Losers Round 2
    20:30 | Grand Final - (Winner Winner's Final vs the Winner of the Losers Final) 

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    Registration | Discussion | Maps

    Good afternoon, everyone! wants to pay your attention to our next tournament entitled “Captain's Cup 2020”, where we will glad to see the best race teams from “Multi Theft Auto” such as: NET, SKC, NKC, CrF, STR, RPB, RTF, SiK, LFS, LSR, AQ. In the main stage of the tournament will participate only 8 teams. But if many teams want to play tournament, perhaps teams will play qualifying with group stage.

    You can’t get known which maps your opponents will choose, you can only try to guess.
    Teams will pick and ban 5 maps every match from the list of 99 maps. Each team has 450 (7:30 min) second to pick and ban maps.

    Description of the tournament:

    Open Qualification:
    All the registered teams gonna fight for the right to play in the main event. The scheme of qualification will be created based on the number of participating
    team. In case of registering more teams, there is another scenario of qualifications.

    Main Event:
    8 Teams randomly split into 4 pairs of 2 teams, the winning team goes further among the
    winner bracket, the losing side falls into the losers bracket and plays match play/off. Thus, if your team lose one match at the tournament – it will continue to participate. The loss of 2 matches means that your teams is eliminated. Totally the tournament will consist of 14 matches: 5v5.
    Registration is opened October 16, and will close 10 November.

    Script: Captain’s Mode 3.1.

    Opening qualification:
    • 14 November, Saturday: Central European Time
    • 15 November, Sunday: Central European Time.

    Match schedule for main event:

    • 21 November, Saturday: Central European Time
    Quarterfinals A – 14:00
    Quarterfinals B – 15:05
    Quarterfinals C – 16:10
    Quarterfinals D – 17:15

    Semifinals A – 18:20 (Winners of A and В)
    Semifinals B – 19:25 (Winners C and D)
    Winner's Final - 20:30 (the Match for getting into the main tournament final)

    • 22 November, Sunday: Central European Time

    Losers Round 1(A) - 14:00 (Loser of team A and В)
    Losers Round 1(В) – 15:05 (Losing team C and D)
    Losers Round 2(A) - 16:10 (Winner of Losers Round 1(A) vs Loser of Semifinal (В)
    Losers Round 2(В) – 17:15 (Winner Losers Round 1(В vs Loser of Semifinal (A))
    Losers Round 3 – 18:20 (Winner Losers Round 2(A) vs Winner Losers Round 2 (В)
    Losers Final – 19:25 (Loser of the Winner's Final vs Winner of Losers Round 3)
    Grand Final – 20:30 (Winner Winner's Final vs Winner of the Losers Final)

    The server of the tournament: later

    Tournament rules:
    All matches have to be played according to the 5x5 scheme. If your team doesn't have a fifth, fourth, or third player, you can agree to play 4x4, 3x3, or 2x2, but your opponent can refuse and play 5x4, 5x3, 5x2, 4x3, 4x2, or 3x2.
    Matches will be played on the Race CW with scripts Captain’s Mode 3.1;
    Match scoring system: 1st place-15 points, 2nd place-13 points, 3rd place-11 points, 4th place-9 points, 5th place-7 points, 6th place-5 points, 7th place – 4 points, 8th place – 3 points, 9th place – 2 points, 10th place – 1 point;
    FPS limit 60, but you can change it by command /fps;
    Show unsportsmanlike behavior (cursing, insult, threat, flood, abnormal behavior) the team will be disqualification;
    Fake the team player (punishment: disqualification/removing team points);
    Use: cheats, trainers, mods, and any programs that give you an advantage below other (punishment: disqualification);

    Connection problem:
    If a player on your team lose the connection (Timeout) during the first 15 second of the race, pause is allowed and the race will be restarted after rejoining the player to the server.
    If Timeout (connection Loss) happens after 17 second – the race is going on.

    Matches areplaying according to the schedule.

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    #    Player    Points
    1    [RPB]Reign    25
    2    NET//Mateoryt    18
    3    FC|BboyTwist    15
    4    [SKCt]Ryuzaki    12
    5    NET//HaZe    10
    6    |CrF|gustavo    8
    7    [RPB]supr4    6
    8    [NKC]Pepsi    4
    9    AV.Cyrex    2
    10    [NKC]Jacky    1

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Captain's Cup 2020

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  • 23:30 | 05.03.2021

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